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Ray the Lion Crochet Pattern (Free Download!)

September 7, 2018

Wow! We’re almost coming to the end of our series of Crochet Animal Doll patterns! It’s been such a fun and exciting journey for us creating these dolls, from designing, prototyping and styling. Here are the patterns that are available so far, featuring Kelsey the UnicornTyler the Fox and Rosie the Bunny. If you’ve attempted any of them, please share them with us by tagging @OperationOverhaul on Instagram and Facebook. Keep on reading to be introduced to our next character – Ray the Lion! 

OOH - KPC Collaboration Crochet Pattern

All the dolls in this collection were crocheted using the Gossyp DK and 4 Ply line from KPC Yarn. Read about our visit to the KPC studio to find out more about them! The Gossyp collection is an organic cotton yarn that is incredibly soft to touch, making these dolls perfect as gifts for babies and kids.

Here are more images of Ray the Lion:   

We love how you can create personas for each doll and use that as an inspiration to add finishing touches. Over here, we crocheted a mini briefcase for Ray the Lion thinking he’d look quite appropriate as a corporate businessman! What persona would you give your lion? 

Ray the Lion Crochet Pattern PDF Download

Our free downloadable PDF includes many images to help you out with your project – 4 pages of written crochet pattern and an additional 5 pages of step-by-step assembly instructions and photos so that your Lion can be constructed properly.

To receive the file via email, simply fill in the form below!

We’ll love to see your creations and your versions of Ray the Lion. Tag us using the hashtag #OOHSG or @OperationOverhaul on social media if you’ve tried it!

Interested to commission us for a Crochet Animal Doll? Get in touch here!

© An original Operation Overhaul design
This pattern is for personal use only. All works using this pattern may not be sold, redistributed without permission or edited in any way. Please always credit us as the designer if you’d like to share it. Thank you!

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