Crochet Pegasus Mandala Shawl Pattern

August 3, 2018
Crochet Pegasus Mandala Shawl

Crochet Pegasus Mandala Shawl Pattern

A while ago, I bought my first Mandala Yarn, but I procrastinated on it for a long time because I just couldn’t decide what to make with it. Most of the patterns I found online were really pretty and intricate, but I wanted a simple shawl as I was pretty hesitant about whether I could pull it off. As a result, I came up with this really easy grid design for my first shawl! This pattern is great for beginners or your first attempt at crocheting a shawl.

Crochet Pegasus Mandala Shawl Pattern

I used the Mandala Yarn in 210 Pegasus which had beautiful shades of teal, coral, and lavender. I wanted very distinct rows of colour in my shawl, so instead of crocheting continuously, I’d cut and join the yarn with a slip stitch whenever it was reaching a colour change. This step is not crucial to the design and it is completely up to you whether you’d prefer working continuously or join a new row for more distinct stripes.

Crochet Pegasus Mandala Shawl Pattern Crochet Pegasus Mandala Shawl Pattern Crochet Pegasus Mandala Shawl Pattern

I’ve used only one skein of Mandala Yarn, and the finished product measures approximately 130cm wide by 60cm height. I’m more petite in size so that worked for me, but I do realise that most shawls are much wider. If you’ll like to crochet a larger shawl, simply keep in mind that the increases in this pattern take place at the start, middle and end of each row. 

For a token fee, you may download a digital PDF with the full pattern below. By supporting us, it allows us to create and design more patterns to share with you!

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Crochet Pegasus Mandala Shawl Pattern

Crochet Pegasus Mandala Shawl Pattern
Here are two ways you could wear your Crochet Pegasus Mandala Shawl – draped over the shoulder or looped around the neck. I love how it fully showcases the colour stripes as a drape. Give this pattern a try and share it with us by tagging us @OperationOverhaul or #OOHSG on Facebook or Instagram. Get craftin’! x

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