DIY Tutorial: Gradient Tassel Earrings

March 28, 2018

OOH - Gradient Tassel Earrings Title
I am a huge fan of dangly earrings and I love how they can instantly brighten up a look. I’ve been seeing so many gorgeous tassel earrings on the market, so I thought I’d share just how easy it is to make your own! All you need is a handful of materials and you’re good to go.

They’re so versatile and you could make them in any colour scheme you like – I definitely plan on making a couple more just to match different outfits! Besides, you are not restricted to a gradient theme, go ahead and jazz it up with contrasting colours for that extra oomph! 

OOH - Gradient Tassel Earrings Materials
Gradient Tassel Earrings

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Embroidery Thread in 3 colours x 2 bundles each 

Ear Hooks

8mm O Split Ring



Flat Nose Pliers

OOH - Gradient Tassel Earrings Cut Strands
1. Cut 2 strands the length of the bundle. These will be used to tie your tassel together later. 

OOH - Gradient Tassel Earrings Knot Middle
2. Tie a double knot right in the middle.

OOH - Gradient Tassel Earrings Cut Loops
3. Cut the loops at both ends.

OOH - Gradient Tassel Earrings Fold Half
4. Fold the bundle in half and lay it on top of the other strand. 

OOH - Gradient Tassel Earrings Knot Tassel
5. Tie a double knot across, just below the folded point.  

OOH - Gradient Tassel Earrings Tassels 2
6. Repeat Step 1-5 for the rest of the bundles and trim them to your desired length. You can have longer tassels if you prefer a longer, dangly tassel earring. I trimmed my tassels to approximately 3cm in length.

OOH - Gradient Tassel Earrings Sew
7. Using a long strand of thread and needle, tie a double knot on one end. You want to make sure that the knot is big enough so it won’t pull through your tassel. From the underside, thread the needle through the middle of the first tassel. 

OOH - Gradient Tassel Earrings Sewn Together
8. Thread through the rest of the tassels and secure it with a knot. Here’s a trick, you can hide the knot by threading the needle back down the middle and pull it taut.

OOH - Gradient Tassel Earrings JumpringOOH - Gradient Tassel Earrings Ear Hook
9. Using the pliers, attach the split ring through the top along with the ear hook and you’re done! 

OOH - Gradient Tassel Earrings Worn 2

OOH - Gradient Tassel Earrings Worn

I hope you like this and don’t forget to share your creation with us if you give this tutorial a try! Simply tag us on Facebook or Instagram at Operation Overhaul or #OOHCRAFTY. Till next time!


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