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Crochet Freebies

Matilda the Sheep Crochet Pattern (Free Download!)

Can you believe we’ve reached the end of our series of Crochet Animal Dolls? We can’t be more thankful for the love we’ve received for them so far! Here’s a huge THANK YOU! If you’re new to the series, this collection was a collaboration…

September 21, 2018
Crochet Freebies

Ray the Lion Crochet Pattern (Free Download!)

Wow! We’re almost coming to the end of our series of Crochet Animal Doll patterns! It’s been such a fun and exciting journey for us creating these dolls, from designing, prototyping and styling. Here are the patterns that are available so far, featuring Kelsey the…

September 7, 2018
OOH - KPC Collaboration Bunny Crochet Pattern
Crochet Freebies

Rosie the Bunny Crochet Pattern (Free Download!)

It’s time for the next doll pattern! Introducing Rosie the Bunny, our girly ballerina bunny who’s all ready to flaunt her dance moves. If you missed it, we’ve launched two patterns so far, featuring Kelsey the Unicorn and Tyler the Fox! We have two more…

August 10, 2018
Crochet Pegasus Mandala Shawl

Crochet Pegasus Mandala Shawl Pattern

A while ago, I bought my first Mandala Yarn, but I procrastinated on it for a long time because I just couldn’t decide what to make with it. Most of the patterns I found online were really pretty and intricate, but I wanted a…

August 3, 2018
OOH - KPC Collaboration Fox Slideshow
Crochet Freebies

Tyler the Fox Crochet Pattern (Free Download!)

Yippee! Here is the second pattern from the Crochet Animal Dolls series we collaborated with KPC Yarn on. Introducing Tyler the Fox, who looks extra dapper with his fancy blue bowtie. In our last post, we shared the free downloadable pattern for Kelsey the…

July 27, 2018