About Us


Operation Overhaul is made up of Ros (Left) & Juu (Right)


About Operation Overhaul

Operation Overhaul is made up of Juu & Ros, two crafty individuals from Singapore. We run a website sharing our DIY tutorials and craft inspiration, hoping to get more people interested in creating their own items.

All our products are personally handcrafted and the best part about DIY is that we’re able to customize accessories to everyone’s liking! If you’re looking to decorate a party, create a special take-home item for your corporate event or even hold a craft workshop, feel free to drop us an email!

email: hello(at)operationoverhaul(dot)com


About Us

Juu, 26, is an avid crafter with a BFA in Product Design from NTU’s School of Art, Design & Media. She loves creating 3D pieces of work with various materials, including yarn, concrete and paper. 

Ros, 25, is a graphic designer.


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