DIY Tutorial: Personalised Sequin Cushion

June 6, 2018
Personalised Sequin Pillow

Personalised Sequin Cushion
We’re back with some good vibes for this week’s tutorial. I’ve really been loving the look of sequin trims and how easy they are to work with. If you haven’t seen, we just launched a collection of Sequin Sun Hats on the online store! The sequin trims make it so easy to customise different statements to embellish the hats with, which inspired us to create a Personalised Sequin Cushion for the home too. Besides, you may even give an existing cushion cover a new look with this tutorial! 

Personalised Sequin Cushion


  • Cushion Cover (We love these – 1, 2, or spruce up an old cover!)
  • UHU Glue
  • Sequin Trim
  • Sewing Pins (not pictured)
  • Free printable template 

Personalised Sequin Cushion Instructions:

Personalised Sequin Cushion
Mark the centre of the cushion cover using the pins. 

Personalised Sequin Cushion
You can either create the typography freehand or use the free printable and transfer paper to transfer your design to the fabric. 

Follow these steps on how to transfer designs onto fabric using carbon paper: 

  1. Use either blue carbon paper on darker fabrics or black carbon paper on lighter fabrics.
  2. Lay the fabric right side up and lay the carbon paper over with the waxy ink side facing down towards the fabric.
  3. Place the printed design above the carbon paper.
  4. Trace over the design using a stylus, pressing hard to ensure the design transfers onto the fabric. 

Personalised Sequin Cushion
I decided to do this freehand, so what I’ve done is to layout each letter then carefully apply glue underneath. 

Personalised Sequin Cushion
One word down! As you can see here, marking the centre point really helps to visualise where each letter sits. 

Personalised Sequin Cushion
The sequin trim really makes this project easier to work with, though I’d encourage you to sew certain points of the trim to secure it. You may wash this in a laundry bag on a gentle cycle, or preferably hand wash it if you can!   

Personalised Sequin CushionPersonalised Sequin Cushion
Here’s the completed piece! I love the holographic effect on the sequins that really shines through in the light! 

Personalised Sequin Cushion 

Personalised Sequin Cushion
This Personalised Sequin Cushion is a great addition to the couch and a good way to customise a gift for anyone. We think it’ll make a pretty good housewarming gift or even for newlyweds with a “Mr” & “Mrs” text! What would you put on yours? 

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