DIY Tutorial: Mini Crochet Bucket Bag

June 13, 2018

The mini bucket bag trend is definitely coming back and rather than the scrungey-top design that we saw a few seasons ago, the current bags are mostly structured with various different opening designs. It’s a great project for some discontinued Vera Moda yarn I picked up at a Spotlight sale because although I really liked the colours, the material composite was just a bit impractical for Singapore weather for anything wearable. 

The material list for this DIY might seem a tad daunting, but the overall concept and process of making the bag is really fairly simple! Read on to see how we made this crochet bucket bag!



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We started out by crocheting the body and strap loops following our free pattern (download at the top or bottom of post!) This surprisingly worked up pretty quickly with the 6mm crochet hook the yarn band recommended. 


Next, create the lining of the bag. The white part is stiff fusible interfacing that has been ironed on to the rectangle fabric so that the bucket will not flop over when placed down. Ensure that the hems and interfacing is on the outside. 


Start out by sewing the 13cm circle fabric to the rectangular piece, then sew the rectangular piece together lengthwise, stopping about 8cm from the top.


Fold the top of the fabric down to create a large hem for the drawstring to go through later. Sew down to secure. 


Place the 13cm pp sheet circle into the base of the bag. This will ensure that the bottom will stay sturdy and flat even when carried. 


Afterwhich, place the lining of the bag into the bag on top of the base. 


Fit in the cylinder neatly, making sure to tuck the interfacing in, behind the crochet body. Sew the lining and crochet body of the bag together using needle and thread or with a sewing machine. 


Loop the ends of the faux leather strap through the rectangular buckle rings and sew down to secure. 


Loop the crochet strap loops around the other end of the buckle ring. 


Sew on the loop to the hem of the crochet body, and repeat on the exact opposite side. Do ensure that the strap is not twisted before securing down.


Proceed to string the cord through the top hem using a safety pin. (Tip! Melt the ends of the nylon cord with a lighter so it doesn’t fray!)


Squeeze both ends of the cord into the cord stopper.


You’re done! Your little bucket bag is ready to go out for a spin!



Would you try this? I’m so tempted to make more in other colours now, especially since you can use it in different ways (open bucket and drawstring)! If you’ve missed the pattern above, you can download our free pattern below! 


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