DIY Tutorial: Layered Necklace

May 23, 2018

This week features a DIY tutorial which I’ve wanted to attempt for a long time! I’ve always been on the lookout for a simple multi layered necklace, but somehow never found one that I really liked. They either had weird/ too many charms, was a weird metal colour, had weird chain lengths, etc. I do really like how this project turned out because instead of using new jewelry findings and charms, I decided to ransack through my existing necklace and craft stash to see what materials I could repurpose and use. I didn’t buy any new materials for this project and managed to reuse parts of another accessory I would otherwise have thrown out.


Note: As mentioned, I decided to repurpose some of my old accessories for this tutorial, but here’s a list of what I used (from left to right, top to bottom) Long drop skull and feather necklace from Lovisa, light silver chain from an old Mark & Spencer necklace, 3mm silver craft chain, sparkly eye pendant from my old Pandora charm bracelet, small Operation Overhaul round discs (that we use for branding some of our products), jumprings, lobster clasp and craft pliers.


Step by Step Tutorial:

I started by removing the embellishments from the Lovisa necklace and decided that I liked the longest chain to have a “drop extension” so I kept the spike charm. It was later attached back to the middle of the necklace with a jumpring. (If you’re using new silver chains, connect your charm to the middle of the 60cm chain)


For the second layer, i used a 40cm silver chain and simply slid my old Pandora evil eye charm onto the chain. This worked out great because the ring on the charm couldn’t be removed anyway. 


For the shortest layer, I cut out a 30cm length of chain from an old M&S necklace. I wanted to attach the small OOH silver disc to the chain itself but the links were too tiny so I just slid it on like a small disc pendant. 


Lay out your three layers, and plan where your jump rings and attachments should go. I decided to connect all three layers onto the same jump ring such that I only have to handle one clasp when putting on the necklace. I also decided to use a necklace extender on the end for flexibility of length and ease of wear. 

Here you can see one end of the necklace. All three chains connected at a point on a larger jumpring that also holds the lobster clasp.


The other end of the necklace also holds all three chains, as well as the necklace extender. 



You’re done! As mentioned, I do think I like this necklace more because I actually managed to reuse components from accessories I used to wear! You could definitely also mix it up and play with more layers and lengths. 

The lengths of the chains I used are also just a guide, it would depend entirely on preference and body proportions. I just think the layers look great when the shortest chain is resting in the centre of the collarbone, the middle chain falls nicely on the sternum right before a V-neck top ends and finally a long drop that falls just below the chest. 

Do you guys also have old accessories you could possibly refashion? 



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  • Reply Nicole June 5, 2018 at 5:50 pm

    This just reignited my passion for making jewelry. I used to do it as a side hustle then got bored because I wasnt getting inspired. Thank you for this. Im excited to go try out something similar when I get home

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