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DIY Tutorial: Felt Roses

May 9, 2018

Felt Rose

With Mother’s Day coming up and Spring in season, I’ve been seeing so many floral/fauna inspired designs and creations around. There are so many floral crafts to try – ranging from faux crepe flowers to pressed dried flowers, all of which I hope to give a shot at some time! I decided to start with felt flowers and crafted these Felt Roses as a start! Which other flowers would you like to see? 

Don’t be deterred by how complex the Felt Roses look, the steps are really easy! However, if you need a pattern to follow, I have included a free printable template below as well. It is so quick to make them without worrying too much about how precise you need to be. Even real roses aren’t perfectly symmetrical, right? 

Felt Rose - Materials


Felt Roses – Instructions

Felt Rose - Circle

Using a pair of scissors, cut an 18cm diameter circle out of your felt. If you’re doing this freehand, simply fold a square twice and cut a quadrant to form a circle. If you’re following the template, move on to the next step! 

Felt Rose - Wavy Circle

Trim the edges to create a wavy circle. 

Felt Rose - Cut Spiral

Start cutting a wavy spiral towards center of the circle. The waves do not need to be equal – in fact, irregular waves throughout will make the petals seem more realistic!

Felt Rose - Wavy Spiral

Here’s how your spiral should look after cutting.

Felt Rose - Apply Glue

Felt Rose - Roll from Centre 

Apply some glue right in the center and start rolling to form your felt rose.

Felt Rose - Glue and Roll

Keep applying glue along the base as you roll, your felt rose should start to take form by now. 

Felt Rose - Complete

Here’s how the completed roses look! As you can see, each one looks different from the other depending on how you cut the waves and how tightly you roll it together. 

Felt Rose - Complete with leaves

To add a finishing touch, you may even add leaves to your rose using green felt. The template for the leaves are included in our free printable below as well: 

I’m really happy with how these felt roses turned out! I can imagine turning it into brooch or corsage by simply adding a pin backing behind, or even creating a mini felt floral bouquet using floral tape and wire. What would you create with these? Share with us below! 

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