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We Made It! Crochet Diamonds Cardigan

May 28, 2018

It really seems like a year of crochet milestones for us here! While both Juu and I have been crocheting for quite a long time now, we’ve never attempted many large items till recently. (Check out Juu’s post on her Summer Crochet Cropped Top!) Prior to this, I have tried crocheting a tote bag and bucket bag, but never a wearable piece as the idea of it has always been pretty daunting! I was always worried about getting it to look perfectly symmetrical, or figuring out the right size to fit me. I decided to look out for a crochet cardigan pattern that’ll be fairly easy to work with.

After doing some research, I found this Summer Diamonds Kimono Cardigan by One Dog Woof. I love how she worked out the pattern such that you’ll be working in rectangles to form the side and back panels, then folding it in half to sew the seams and add sleeves! Another detail I love about it is the diamond pattern and how it matches up seamlessly as you work across the piece. While the pattern may seem complicated at the start, you’ll soon get the hang of where the ch 1 spaces are to create each diamond and it gets a whole lot easier from there.

Unfortunately, after I completed the main body panels, I realised that the cardigan was going to be too big on me once I add on the sleeves. I had to frog a good amount of yarn to get it to the right size for me. While that was pretty nerve-racking, I really wanted to get it right after working on this for so long! 

Pattern adjustments & tips:

  • I found it easier to count based on the number of diamonds I was doing for each panel to keep it symmetrical.
  • Instead of crocheting 2½ diamonds wide for the side panels as requested by the original pattern, I did approximately 1¼–1½ diamonds for the left and right side panels. 
  • My middle back panel is approximately 2 diamonds wide. 

Thankfully, after adjusting and completing the sleeves with ribbing, the completed piece fell right above my elbow just as I liked. 

The completed cardigan turned out to be really cozy! I love how it’s perfect for a slightly cooler day in Singapore or in the office, and the diamond pattern helps to ensure that it doesn’t trap as much heat. While I’m pretty happy with how it looks now, I’m thinking of adding a hood to it before adding my front ribbing. Would anyone be interested in a crochet tutorial on how to add a hood to a top/cardigan? 

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