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We Made It! Summer Crochet Cropped Top

April 16, 2018

2018 seems to be a year of trying out brand new things and I took the plunge to try and crochet my first wearable! Unfortunately in tropical Singapore, we don’t get get any cold weather to put on cute wool beanies or sweaters so I decided to look for a summer top to try. It turns out to be a fantastic idea as well as it meant that I needed to cover less surface area, and is a good beginner project in the wearables category. 

I also decided to go in with a cotton blend yarn, so it doesn’t retain too much heat and isn’t prickly on the skin. I ended up using Paton’s Cotton Blend 8 Ply in Black for this, although I might want to switch it up for a 4 ply if I were to create something like that again, as this top ended up being pretty heavy for it’s size.

While searching for patterns online, I set out to look for a pattern which matched a few requirements I had since I was seeing a trend of more festival/skin showing cropped tops. 

The top had to be

  • Sleeveless 
  • Ideally not halter style (personal preference)
  • Allows for a regular strapless bra to be worn underneath

I found this cute summer top pattern off a German DIY site, Green Bird where there are many other free pretty patterns as well! I especially liked that there was the peek through V-shaped pattern on the top, and with a grid diagram on her blog it was easy to figure out. I also decided that I wanted to add a crochet border to the bottom to “lengthen” the top and so that there’s more coverage in the tummy area. I followed this Spanish Youtube tutorial and followed it step-by-step, pausing and replaying the video when required because I don’t speak the language but still managed it in the end! I think it looks pretty cute, what do you think? 


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  • Reply Jordan April 17, 2018 at 2:34 pm

    The detail at the midriff is very cute

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