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DIY Tutorial: Glitter Shaker Card

April 11, 2018
Glitter Shaker Card

Glitter Shaker Card

What happened to the era of pop-up cards, scratch n sniff, and musical greeting cards? I used to love those as a child, so I thought it’ll be quite fun to do a tutorial on how to make a Glitter Shaker Card! Besides, who doesn’t love a good glitter DIY?

These cards will make a fun companion to birthday gifts! You may even do it as a kids activity – just prep the cutouts in advance and replace glitter with sequins or confetti for easy cleanup.

Glitter Shaker Card

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Glitter Shaker Card Materials


13*13cm folded card (26*13cm open size) in Pink

25*12cm inner card in Yellow

11.5*11.5cm Transparency


Double-sided tape

Transparent scotch tape



Fill in this form to get your free template:


Glitter Shaker Card Template Glitter Shaker Card Template
1. Cut out the shapes in the template. There is an option for a star or sun cutout in the downloaded template. We are working on the sun cutout here! 

Glitter Shaker Card Trace
2. Trace out the pointed sun on the left side of the pink card and the circle on the yellow card.

Glitter Shaker Card Cutout
3. Cut out the shapes.

Glitter Shaker Card - Tape Pocket
4. Tape along three sides of the transparency on top of the inner yellow card, creating a U-shaped pocket.

Glitter Shaker Card - Fill Pocket
5. Here’s the fun part – fill the pocket with LOTS OF GLITTER! My pocket was about 1/3 filled, this allows you to see through the window and watch as the glitter fall as you shake it.

Glitter Shaker Card - Seal Pocket
6. Tape the top edge of the pocket to seal it. Run your finger along the edges to ensure that the tape is secure enough to prevent any glitter fallout.

Glitter Shaker Card - Tape Inner Card
Glitter Shaker Card - Tape Inner Card
7. Using double-sided tape, stick the back of the yellow inner card to the right panel of the pink card. 

Glitter Shaker Card - Tape Inner Card
8. Repeat Step 7 on the front of the yellow inner card.

Glitter Shaker Card - Tape Circle
9. Lastly, stick the yellow circle on to the front of the window to complete your card! 

Glitter Shaker Card - Complete
Here’s how the completed cards look! Both shapes are available in the free template below:


These slo-mo shots of the glitter falling are so pretty and mesmerizing! I could really watch it on repeat all day. I love how these cards are completely customizable. You can mix and match the colors of your card stock, or even use different shapes for the cutout. We’d love to see what you come up with! Share your creation with us if you give this tutorial a try. Simply tag us on Facebook or Instagram at @OperationOverhaul or #OOHCRAFTY. Get creative!

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  • Reply Lily Ardor April 28, 2018 at 12:37 am

    So cute. I love how these turned out! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

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