Makers Monday: Instagram Story Templates (Free!)

March 26, 2018
OOH IG Story Templates Slideshow

OOH IG Story Templates Title
We’ve been seeing Instagram Story templates going around for awhile now! I love how fun they are but I haven’t seen any that are specifically craft-focused so I thought why not design some to share with all of you? 

OOH IG Story Templates Showcase
Instagram Story Templates

Included in the download link at the end of this post are 3 different templates you could use:

  1. About Me – Share with us some facts about yourself!
  2. OOH Crafty – This or that? Tassel or pom poms? Circle your favourite from each row. 
  3. 20 Projects to Try – have you attempted any of these popular DIY projects? Tick the ones you’ve tried!

We’d love to see your answers and hope to find out more about all of you through this. Don’t forget to tag us @OperationOverhaul on Instagram when you share them on your IG story! 

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