Puni Puni Sushi – Our very first line of self-designed plush toys!

July 25, 2017

Have you heard? We are launching our very first line of plush toys! If you’ve been following us for awhile now, you’d know that it all started from our Crochet Sushi Pins. In 2016, we were approached to be a part of Singapore Design Week and we crocheted larger than life Crochet Sushi Plushies as a way to market the pins. Since then, we brought our giant Crochet Tamago Plushie to every art market we did and it garnered a lot of attention and enquiries for commission! That sparked an idea between Juu and I, so we thought, “why not make giant, squishy sushi plushies?”

After months of designing, researching and testing, we are happy to say that we will be launching our PUNI PUNI SUSHI collection… TOMORROW!

The campaign goes live on Kickstarter on 26 July, 10am! 


Drop us your email in a comment below to get notifications on the launch.

Salmon, Onigiri, Ikura, Tamago (Clockwise from top left)We are so happy with how the plushies turned out after all the changes we made. They are even BIGGER and SQUISHIER than our crocheted versions! There will be 3 designs available as the main goal of the campaign – Tamago, Salmon and Onigiri. However, with your help, you can help us to reach our stretch goal in order to launch our exclusive design – Ikura! 

Salmon and Ikura plushies with their mini crochet pin versions!

Onigiri plushies with Tamago, Ikura and Salmon crochet pins

Tamago plushie and crochet pins

Couch companions for your home

Our plushies make the perfect squishy baby barrier for your little one. *Adult supervision advised for children under 3*

They also double up as a lap pillow and stress ball for work.

Makes a great statement piece and conversation starter

A snuggle buddy for your pet

Visit WWW.PUNIPUNISUSHI.COM for our teaser video!



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