DIY Tutorial: Valentine’s Piñata Box

February 8, 2017

Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us in just a week’s time! With the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day so close to each other this year, we’ve really been kept busy with events and coming up with new ideas. After working with kikki.K twice for their gift wrap events, I am always on the lookout for new ways to jazz up a gift or to wrap it differently!

Here’s a quick tutorial to convert your gift boxes into adorable piñatas! 


Start by cutting the crepe paper into 1.75″ wide long strips if you haven’t done so. Next, cut approximately 5mm wide fringe along the strips. To quicken the process, stack a few strips to cut them all at once.

Cut as many strips as you’d require to fill the front and sides of the box.

Next, glue your fringe strips to the lid starting from the bottom, then working your way up.

When you’re done filling up the lid with fringe strips, trim the excess off around the edge of the box. 

We’re almost there! Next, we’ll work on the sides and base. 

Just as what we have done earlier, repeat the same steps with sides of the lid, starting from the bottom. 

This step is not necessary, you could either keep the base plain to create a contrast against the piñata lid or cover it up with crepe paper like how I have done here.

Once you’ve filled the sides and base, your Valentine’s Piñata Box is complete. Fill it up with confetti and your special gift along with a note, and you’re good to go! 

Don’t forget to share and tag us on Instagram if you give this tutorial a try. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance! x


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