Events: IKEA Catalogue 2017 Launch

August 16, 2016


A week ago, we were invited to the media launch of the upcoming IKEA Catalogue 2017. Needless to say, we were very excited to see what new products IKEA has to unveil to us! If you have seen our previous posts under the IKEA Singapore Bloggers Program, you will know how much we love visiting the stores in search of inspiration for new ideas.

It is always an experience to listen to the people behind a brand share their stories and to hear them share about the design thinking that goes into every product. This time, we had the chance to learn about how IKEA continuously designs and makes better products through Democratic Design.


  1. Form – “Making the world more beautiful.”


2. Function – “We make everyday life easier and more meaningful.”


3. Quality – “We make everyday last longer and age gracefully.”


4. Sustainability – “We take responsibility to have an improving impact on people and the planet.”


5. Low Price – “We make it affordable for the many people.”


One of the upcoming products that really caught our eye was the award-winning SLADDA bicycle. Its minimal, sleek design and lightweight frame makes it suitable for both genders, not to mention that it is environmentally friendly as well!


If any of the products above have caught your eye, do keep a lookout for the IKEA Catalogue 2017 when it drops off at all homes on 25 August!

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