DIY Tutorial: Brass Tube Earrings & Necklace

July 22, 2015

Brass Tube Earrings & Necklace Tutorial Cover

I’ve been seeing minimalist pieces everywhere as of late and we’re quite in love with the simple jewellery style! When I saw these brass square tubes at the local craft store, I immediately thought about how they could be transformed into something similar, with minimal effort. Check out the tutorial below!


Materials you will need:-

  • Square brass tube (3.18mm) from Art Friend
  • Metal saw
  • Needle file
  • Pliers
  • Sharpie (not pictured)
  • E6000 glue or superglue
  • Jewellery findings such as earring studs, lobster clasps and jump rings


Using the sharpie, make a mark on the brass tube at the desired length. These are the lengths I used for mine.

Earrings: 1¼ inches for each side

Necklace: 1 inches (shorter), 3 inches (longer)


I used the help of a vice clamp for this, but saw the brass tube at the markings.


File the jagged edges of the brass tubes with a flat file and remove any sharp or stray pieces.


I laid out the brass tubes (cut and filed) with the relevant findings to imagine how they’ll look


To create the earrings, glue on the studs to one side of the brass tube.


To create the necklace, cut two chains (56cm and 73cm) and attach one end of both chains with a jumpring. String the 1″ brass tube through the shorter chain and the 3″ piece through the longer chain. Attach both chains with a jumpring and add a lobster clasp at the end.


And they are complete!

IMG_3660 2




This was incredibly simple to make and the possibilities are endless! The metal tubes also come in other colour and shape variants so you could possibly make silver or copper accessories as well!

Big thanks to Natalie for helping snap the photos!

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