DIY Tutorial: Geometric Washi Wall Decor

May 30, 2015


We finally got ourselves on Pinterest! It’s hard not to admit that Pinterest is the world of  infinite ideas and inspiration, this tutorial included. All in all, it’s pretty awesome and extremely addictive. I have been spotting different ways of using tape to create shapes and designs for wall decor ideas. Do follow us here!

Eventually, I decided to use my washi tapes from MT as they hold up decently well on walls and will not leave any residue if I ever decide to remove them!



  • Washi Tape (Pick as many colours and designs as you like!)
  • Scissors

Follow the steps below to create a geometric shape! Of course, feel free to come up with your own shape and design! What I found worked best for me was to create an outline first before adding the lines within.



GeometricWashi-2 GeometricWashi-3 GeometricWashi-4 GeometricWashi-5 GeometricWashi-6

Create different shapes using different washi tapes for a good mix!




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