OOH x IKEA Task 3: Bathroom DIY Ideas

March 23, 2015

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by IKEA and Operation Overhaul is part of the 2015 IKEA Singapore Bloggers Program. All opinions and reviews are our own, and very honest as well. x

It’s time for another IKEA post! This month, we were given the task to revamp the bathroom. Let’s admit it, the bathroom is a private little space for your everyday grooming and as girls, there are just so many products to use! There are products for hair, skincare and all the nifty little things we simply need in our everyday routine. IKEA has always been my go-to for organisation solutions, be it in the home or workspace. There are so many options, from shelves to storage boxes, to help even the messiest person. Now, let’s find out how IKEA can help us to get organised and get that bathroom looking presentable. To make this extra special and true to the Operation Overhaul spirit, we will be throwing in a couple of DIY ideas on how you can make the products unique to your home!



This DRAGAN 2-piece bathroom set is just the right size for storing loose cotton pads and q tips. You can choose between stacking the boxes or using them separately like we did to hold soap bottles and your toothbrush. We especially love how it’s made of bamboo, which will be able to withstand water, so it’s perfect by the sink. One thing I notice around my bathroom is how I always end up with small tubs of cream or bobby pins lying around, so these are really great for hiding the clutter (heh).


Another storage piece that caught our eye is the FRYKEN box set, made of peeled rattan. One of the things I’ve noticed after shopping at IKEA a lot lately is how they try to do their part for the environment by including information on how certain products may be recyclable and encouraging consumers to do their part too!

DIY IT! – Grab some acrylic paint and start decorating these baskets to personalise them to your home. Paint on patterns, colour blocks, or even solid colours if you are really looking to add a pop of colour to your bathroom.



During our tour at the IKEA Tampines store, we were introduced to these STUGVIK hooks that really caught our eye. They are designed to grip onto common kitchen and bath materials, like tiles and glass, and are able to hold up to 3kg. They come in different designs that are good for holding up towels, loofahs and soaps, and the best part? No drilling needed so you can change things up anytime.

DIY IT! – Looking to personalise your towels? Sew on a simple embroidered monogram or get iron-on patches from the craft store for a quick and easy way to do so.



These BESTÅENDE bottles are from the kitchen section in IKEA, but hey, they work great as shampoo and soap dispensers too!

DIY IT! – Create labels for the bottles using stencils and spray paint, or even try out etching on the glass for a subtle effect. Don’t forget to spray on a layer of sealant to make sure the design will remain waterproof in the shower!


We hope this inspires you to give your bathroom a quick and easy revamp! If there are any DIYs that you’d like us to do a tutorial on, simply leave a comment below and we will definitely get to it! Look forward to our next post! x


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