DIY Tutorial: Leather Card Holder


A card holder is always handy to carry around, especially if you need it to hold your business cards. I was on the search of a nice, simple leather card holder, but I thought instead of paying a hefty sum for a designer card holder, why not make my own?

Read on to find out how!

DIY Leather Card HolderDIY Leather Card Holder


  • Xacto Art Knife
  • Button Studs
  • Leather – PU or real
  • Leather Punch
  • Template – download here

DIY Leather Card Holder

1. With an xacto knife, cut out the template for the card holder.

DIY Leather Card Holder

2. Next, lay the template on your leather and cut out the card holder accordingly.

DIY Leather Card Holder

3. Starting with the top corner, mark out where you would like your button stud to be. Do the same with the other corners. It is easier to mark out the top and punch that hole first before doing the rest, so as to make sure that they will all align together. You wouldn’t want mismatched holes on your card holder!

DIY Leather Card Holder

4. Insert the bottom screw of the button stud through the bottom and side corners.

DIY Leather Card Holder

5. Finally, simply screw on the top of the button stud and you are done!

DIY Leather Card Holder

DIY Leather Card Holder

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5 Responses to DIY Tutorial: Leather Card Holder

  1. xue says:

    Nice, simple on there. Where can I get the materials? The leather and the button studs?

    • Ros C. says:

      Hello! You can get the materials from Brighton in People’s Park food centre, level 2. Alternatively, you can also find them on Etsy. Hope this helps :)

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  3. Zen says:

    This looks like a nice easy tutorial- and the end product is so stylish! :) Must definitely give it a go myself after visiting Brighton :)

  4. Steph says:

    Woo can you guys do a denim / no-sew fabric version for card holders too?

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