DIY Tutorial: Braided Thread Bracelet

Inspired from the popular Aurelie Bidermann necklace below, I’ve decided to share an inspired bracelet version of it!


  • Simple Chain Bracelet
  • Embroidery Thread in your chosen colours

1. Prepare your threads by cutting them 4 times longer than your chain. I’ve cut 10 strands of each colour, but you can adjust the quantity according to how thick your chains are.

2. Tie a knot with these two set of threads, separating the colours.

3. Pull blue set through from under the first chain.

4. Bring the red set over blue, and under through the same chain.

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 with the rest of the chains.

6. Tie a knot at the end of the chain and trim the stray ends neatly.

7. Done! We hope you’ll have fun making these in different colours! x

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20 Responses to DIY Tutorial: Braided Thread Bracelet

  1. nicole says:

    hi i was just wondering where i can buy the metal chain?

    • Ros C. says:

      Hello Nicole, you can get the chain from Brighton at Chinatown. It’s located on the second level of the people’s park hawker centre :)

  2. Quan mei says:

    hey thanks for the tutorial! you girls are awesome! may I know where to get such plain chain bracelets? :)

    • Ros C. says:

      Hello Quan Mei, I made mine using some chains I got from Brighton in Chinatown, or you could try accessories shops in far east or bugis street :)

  3. jen says:

    thanks for the tutorial! it’s really useful and i’m intending to make this once my exams are over! on a sidenote, is it possible to hand make this at home? ?

  4. Carissa says:

    hey dear,
    may i what is the total cost for making this bracelet?
    am thinking of trying it out:)

    • Ros C. says:

      Hello Carissa, the threads cost about $1 for each colour at art friend or spotlight. Chain prices vary with sizes and length, but they should cost about $3-5 for 1m. Go ahead and try it out!:)

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  7. Samantha says:

    Hi. This looks nice. Can I ask do you all have a shop of your own?

  8. Qian yi says:

    where can i buy the materials? thks

  9. Jolee says:

    i did follow ur steps but i cant seem to get it right.. idk wht i did wrong… ><

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  11. Zahra says:

    Where else would you find the chain?
    Do they also sell it in bronze?
    Oh, and do you happen to know where to get leather cords/rope for bracelet making?


    • Ros C. says:

      Hi Zahra, you find chains in various colours at Art Friend or Spotlight. You could possibly try craft stores located in Chinatown or online craft supply stores. Same for the leather cords! Thanks for reading!

  12. zen says:

    Love the col match!

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