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DIY Tutorial: Tassel How-To

August 23, 2012

  1. Materials Needed—Wool (or twine), Scissors, 4×4″ cardboard
    Prepare 10 strands of wool, 18″ long each.
  2. Start with your wool aligned to the bottom of the cardboard.
  3. Wrap wool around your cardboard. The more wool you use, the fuller your tassel will be. When you reach the end, cut wool at the bottom.
  4. Place 3 strands of 6″ long wool under the wrapped wool at the top of the cardboard.
  5. Tie a tight knot at the top.
  6. Cut the wrapped twine at the bottom.
  7. Take 3 strands of 12″ long wool and tie a knot at the top.
  8. Braid the wool.
  9. Tie a knot at the end.
  10. Fold the braided strand in half and tie a knot at the halfway mark.
  11. Tie a knot with your braided strand around the center of the tassel.
  12. Fold the tassel.
  13. Taking the end from your ball of wool, start wrapping it around the tassel, leaving a little spare end for tying a knot later.
  14. Make several rounds until the tassel is secure and tie a secure knot with your starting strand.
  15. Tug the knot in and you’re done!

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