DIY Tutorial: Thread Wrapped Bracelet

We are back with something bright this time!


  • Chain of your choice (to fit your wrist comfortably)
  • Embroidery Thread

1. Tie a knot in the center of your first chain.

2. Bring thread through the first chain from below and then through the loop. Repeat this step until you meet the next chain.

3. First chain almost done…

4. When you meet the next chain, loop through from under and through the loop as usual. Repeat steps 2-4 till the last chain and tie a dead knot.

5. Now you’ll have a half-wrapped bracelet. You could choose to leave it like this or finish wrapping the whole bracelet.

6. For me, I decided to add another pop of colour to my bracelet. Repeat steps 1-4 with your new colour!

7. When you are done, your bracelet should look like this.

8. Tie a dead knot and snip off the excess thread.

9. Prepare two 20cm long strands of each colour.

10. With your 2 strands of thread, loop it through the last chain and tie a knot.

11. Repeat step 10 with the other end of your bracelet and you’re done!

I hope you’ll enjoy this! xx

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6 Responses to DIY Tutorial: Thread Wrapped Bracelet

  1. beadinggem says:

    Love the two color approach! And the possibilities of matching outfits! Pearl

  2. jaime says:

    hi there! may i know where did you get your chains and thread from? thanks! (:

    • Ros C. says:

      Hi, you can get the threads from Art Friend at Takashimaya and the chains from Brighton, located at People’s ParK Food Center :)

  3. beadinggem says:

    Hi, As promised, here is the link to my feature post! Thanks again for the inspiration! Pearl

  4. This is a great idea, girls… I love anything that incorporates embroidery thread, since I have some much leftover!

  5. zen says:

    Nice! How long did this take u? :)

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