Inspiration: Hair Chalking

June 12, 2012

Those following me on Instagram (@harajuuku) might already know that I’ve recently gone Violet Mahogany. I love how bright the colour is at this point of time but the sad fact is that these colours tend to fade super quickly.

I’ve also had to bleach the tips of my hair twice before dyeing it my desired colour. I’d say my hair is pretty strong but the constant dyeing has definitely taken a toll on my hair.

Ros & I have seen a couple of temporary hair colouring methods using chalk on multiple blogs since last year and it seems to be really catching on locally in the recent weeks.

All you need is soft pastels in any desired shade (available from Art Friend for about $1) and spray bottle filled with water.

1. Taking a small section of hair, wet the hair using the spray bottle.

2. Using the pastel, apply the colour on your hair, twisting the strand as you go along so that more pigments will catch on.

3. Brush out any excess pigments with a brush and hot-iron/hairspray to set.

Here are a couple of really cute looks you can achieve just by hair chalking! Super ideal for the holidays/events because it’s hair colour change without commitment. For more variety, mix it up with different colours on a single strand or show it off in a fishtail braid!

Have fun! xx

Image credits: weheartit, tumblr


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