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DIY Tutorial: Topshop-Inspired Metal Necklace

January 7, 2012

Hope the new year has been awesome for everyone so far, presenting the very first DIY tutorial for 2012! I was exceptionally excited for this one, because it involved materials I’ve always wanted to experiment with but never had the chance to. I saw a similar necklace in Topshop and loved it so I thought it might just make a manageable and fab DIY project!

I’ve created downloadable patterns for this particular tutorial available here. [OperationOverhaul.com] Metal Necklace Patterns (.zip). Alternatively, you might want to save the pictures individually along the way in this tutorial instead.

Final Necklace Pattern (18 pieces)

Here are the materials you need:

  • 1 Metal Sheet 0.16 x 4 x 10″ (about $3 from Art friend)
  • Jump Rings
  • Chain
  • Lobster Clasp
  • Shears
  • Metal File
  • Craft Drill or Nail & Hammer (Not pictured)
  • Marker (Not pictured)

1. Using the downloadable pattern, create a template and trace out all 18 parts of the necklace onto the metal sheet. Make sure to use a semi-permanent marker that you can erase after!

2. When you’re done, use a pair of pruning shears to cut out the pieces! (Thinner metal sheet might “curl” so do experiment and find the best way to cut yours!)


3. File down the edges and sides as they might be sharp and uneven. Be careful!

4. Arrange the pieces according to the Necklace Pattern. As you can see, my printout was a draft version!


5. Using the same marker, mark out the spots where the holes are needed. Then, use a craft drill to create a holes close to the edge. Alternatively, hammer a nail through the metal sheet to create a hole.

6. The edges of the holes might be sharp so it might be a good idea to file down again at this point.


7. Referring to the diagram once again, reposition all the pieces again and attach the jump rings as pictured.


8. Lastly, add chains to both ends. Finish with a lobster clasp! You’re done!

I apologise for the badly taken photos of the necklace worn — I blame the new fringe. But in other news, I love the necklace to bits and also wore it during the interview with Pixiekrane, who very kindly did a feature on us here!!!!

Do check it out! :)

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