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DIY Tutorial: Hex Nut Box Braid Bracelet

January 13, 2012

Hi all! Here’s a tutorial based on HonestlyWTF’s Box Braid Necklace. I really like how polished the necklace looks and many of you have been asking us about it as well. I am going to make some tweaks and remake it into a bracelet here. The only thing you need to learn is how to make a box braid! Once you get the hang of it, this project is going to be a breeze for you.


  • 4 strands of 1-yard long suede (S$26 for a large roll)
  • 20 Hex nuts – Ours were 7mm in diameter. (~S$0.60 from any hardware store)
  • Washer – 15mm in diameter (not pictured).
  • Superglue (not pictured).

1. To begin, tie the 4 strands together with a knot, leaving a 1.5″ excess.

2. Arrange your suede strands as above.

3. Bring the top vertical strand down across your palm and the bottom vertical strand up.

4. Bring the bottom horizontal strand over and under.

5. Now, bring the top horizontal strand over and under in the opposite direction.

6. Pull the strands tight. You have now completed a box braid! Do 6 box braids for the beginning of your bracelet.

7. String a hex nut to the top vertical strand and complete a box braid as per normal. Alternate your hex nuts, so it will be one box braid with, next without and thereafter. Do note that you will always be stringing your hex nuts to this same strand, or else they won’t be aligned on your bracelet!

8. When you are done stringing 20 hex nuts, end the bracelet with 6 box braids.

9. I am going to use a large washer to secure the ends here. String 2 suede strands through the large washer.

10. Tie a knot under the washer and repeat for the other end of the bracelet. You don’t have to worry about the size since the box braid gives it a bit of a stretch! It will slip on and off your wrist easily, so no worries.

11. Lastly, trim your ends and secure your knots with a drop of superglue.

12. You’re done! Be creative and play around with washers, beads etc. :)

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    For DIY TUTORIAL: HEX NUT BOX BRAID BRACELET, where do you buy the suede? Thanks!

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