DIY Tutorial: Black Leather Tote (Ros’)

December 22, 2011
Leather Tote

Leather Tote

With one yard of pleather each, Juu and I decided to do two versions of a leather tote. Since I am always carrying a canvas tote to school because of its convenient size, it only made sense that I used one as my template for this tote!

Materials needed:

  • Leather (or any other fabric you prefer)
  • Scissors/Craft cutter
  • Measuring tape/ long ruler
  • Pins
  • Tailor Chalk
  • Canvas Tote (or any other bag as template)

Leather Tote - template

1. Firstly, get the measurements of your desired template. Cut 2 of each piece to form your tote. For the body, I marked a 1 inch border to leave sufficient space for sewing.

2. Pin your body pieces right side together.

Leather Tote

3. Sew according to the red line. Reinforce with a zigzag stitch if you are worried that the simple stitch will not be sturdy enough.

Leather Tote

4. To achieve a box corner, flatten your tote in a way that the side seam is aligned with the bottom seam.

Leather Tote

5. Leave a mark 1.5″ away from the pointed corner and secure your fold with pins on each side. Sew straight across your mark.

Leather Tote

6. Remove the pins and turn your tote inside out to check if you had done it right! Your side and bottom seams should align nicely. Repeat for the other corner.

7. Bottom of the bag done!

8. Fold your handle strip in half and sew down the marked 1″ line.  Trim excess leather away. Repeat on the other side and turn them inside out.

9. Fold the top of the bag at the 1″ border mark and pin your handles to where you’d like them to be. Mine was positioned 4″ away from each side.

10. Finally, sew all around to secure your top seam and handles. Reinforce your handles with zigzag stitches.

Leather Tote

Now you’re done!!! :)

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