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DIY Tutorial: Jersey Necklace

November 5, 2011

Remember the T-shirt yarn tutorial earlier? I decided to cut it up and make a jersey necklace out of it. Instructions below!

Materials Needed:

• T-shirt yarn (from here or you can always get them from Etsy for really cheap)
• Scissors
• Needle & Thread (not shown)

1. Put the yarn around your neck to gauge where you’d like your necklace to sit. Do remember to give at least a 2″ allowance for tying them together. Mine measures roughly 38″.

2. Depending on how thick you’d like your necklace to be. Follow your measurement and cut up strips to your desired length. For me, I used up my ball of yarn, but remember to leave 1 strand of yarn aside for tying your strands together.

3. Align your ends such that they overlap by 1 – 2″.

4. Taking the spare yarn you had put aside earlier, tie your ends up in a way that one end of the knot is much longer than the other.

5. Now, wrap the longer strand from the knot around the rest of the necklace ends. One way to make it more secure is tucking in the short strand from the knot under the wrap.


6. As you meet the end of the wrapping strand, you can choose to use fabric glue to secure it or sew it like I did as I wanted to make sure that it will not fall off.

7. Once you are done with the securing, trim off the excess yarn and you are done!

Wear it loose or twisted like I did!

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