Inspiration: Ooh, Xmas! Part II

I’m back with more Christmas ideas! This time featuring some amazing gift wrapping ideas I found on Pinterest. Everyone loves receiving pretty present, don’t they? Perhaps some of you will prefer not to spend too much time wrapping presents, but these are easy to pull together in less than 30 minutes, so do give them a try!


Hand Lettered Wrapping Paper by A Subtle Revelry  |  Paper Holly by The House That Lars Built  |   Sewn Candy Pouches by Peppermint Plum  |  Adorable Felt Tree Tags by Anness


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Inspiration: Ooh, Xmas! – Part I

It’s never too early for Christmas! It is only a month and a half away, so start working on ideas for christmas decor, stocking stuffers and gift wrapping ideas! We have been working on several christmas-related projects lately and seeing all these great ideas everywhere, so I thought I’d share them with everyone, just to get you guys all revved up about the festive season. First up, ornaments to have all around the house, none of those tacky decorations allowed!



Sleek Brass Ornaments by Kristina Krogh  |  DIY Village Ornament Kit by HolidaySpiritsDecor  |  Quirky Face Ornaments by Kate Spade Saturday  |  Felt Christmas Lights by DanielleLondon



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DIY Tutorial: Origami Namecard Holder

OOH - Origami Namecard Holder Tutorial

For this super simple tutorial we’ll be making an origami card holder that requires minimal materials and time! I used double sided printed scrapbooking paper for this one but feel free to use any wrapping paper, card or coloured paper.

It’s perfect for a quick trip out when you just need some cash and cards; or perhaps just cause you need that extra card space because your wallet is packed and exploding (like mine, whoops!).

OOH - Origami Namecard Holder Materials

What you need:-

  • Paper measuring 9×9″ (A good way to find out what size your square should be is to measure the width of your largest card and multiply that by 4)
  • Bone folder/ruler/card (optional)

OOH - Origami Namecard Holder Step 1

Step 1. With the right side facing down, fold the paper into half vertically.

OOH - Origami Namecard Holder Step 2

Step 2. Fold the halves into halves. You should now have 3 lines down vertically.

OOH - Origami Namecard Holder Step 3

Step 3. Using the quarter lines as a guide, fold all 4 corners inwards.

OOH - Origami Namecard Holder Step 4

Step 4. Fold inwards at the quarter line. It should look something like this.

OOH - Origami Namecard Holder Step 5

Step 5. Flip the whole paper around and fold downwards towards the middle mark. At this point it might be a good idea to use the bone folder to help flatten it at the folds.

OOH - Origami Namecard Holder Step 6

Step 6. Repeat to the bottom, folding upwards this time. The bottom fold should overlap the top fold (you’ll see why in the next step).

OOH - Origami Namecard Holder Step 7

Step 7. Taking the bottom piece, gently tuck it into the top piece and flatten.

OOH - Origami Namecard Holder Complete

Step 8. Afterwhich, rotate the holder 90 degrees and fold at the fold line (already created earlier!).

OOH - Origami Namecard Holder with Cards

Step 9. Your card holder is complete! Insert your cards on both sides and it’s all ready to go!

OOH - Origami Namecard Holder with Cards 2

OOH - Origami Namecard Holder Final

OOH - Origami Namecard Holder Final 2

OOH - Origami Namecard Holder Final 3

OOH - Origami Namecard Holder Final 4

Have fun making your new namecard holders! If you’re on instagram, do follow us at @operationoverhaul and do hashtag #oohsg to share your photos if you’ve attempted any one of our diy projects! :)


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DIY Tutorial: Fabric Buntings

OOH - Fabric Buntings Tutorial

It’s crazy how time flies! We did our first Public Garden market a year ago in August 2013 and we’re back a year later. We came up with the idea of fabric buntings while looking for ways to decorate our booth. While we got carried away crafting our geometric wooden necklaces to sell, you’ll be sure to see these buntings as part of our display when we’re back at Public Garden at the National Museum of Singapore from 27-28 September 2014.

We figured these would also look great at parties, weddings and baby showers! Or perhaps as a simple photobooth backdrop? The possibilities are quite endless.

OOH - Fabric Buntings Tutorial Materials

Here’s what you need:

  • Printed fabric(s) of your choice
  • Fabric scissors
  • Fabric zigzag scissors
  • Ribbon or cotton laces (~1.5m or to preferred length)
  • Triangle template printed on hard card
  • Sewing supplies (not pictured)

OOH - Fabric Buntings Template1. To begin, create a template triangle piece measuring 4″ x 5″. You can also choose to save the guide above and print it (borderless) on an A4 piece of thick paper. This template would help to make the triangle drawing process much faster.

OOH - Fabric Buntings Tutorial Draw Triangles

2. Fold your fabric into half and line the flat of the triangle with the fold. Proceed to use tailors chalk to trace the triangle template onto the fabric. Repeat about 3 times with each fabric and proceed to sew along the line you just traced.

OOH - Fabric Buntings Cutting3. Using the zigzag fabric scissors, trim away the excess cloth by cutting along the triangle you just stitched. Be careful not to cut the threads!

OOH - Fabric Buntings Stitching

4. Using either the zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine or just by hand stitching, align the cotton ribbon to the top of each triangle and sew across. I left about 8 inches from both ends of the ribbon and an inch between each triangle.

OOH - Fabric Buntings Sew On

5. Another look at both sides. The cotton ribbon shows on one side and is hidden on the other! I like both looks. (Don’t worry about the tailors chalk, that’s removable with a damp cloth)

OOH - Fabric Buntings Final Product6. Ta-da! Hang up and feel merry!

OOH - Fabric Buntings Completed

Also managed to get one of Ziggy with it here! He’s usually a super hyperactive Cavalier King Charles Spaniel so this is a rare shot!

Can’t wait to use the buntings at all our future fleas! We will be at Public Garden this weekend from 1-7pm so hopefully we’ll see you there!

Public Garden Graphic Banner 27 - 28 Sep 2014



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