OOH x IKEA Task 3: Bathroom DIY Ideas

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by IKEA and Operation Overhaul is part of the 2015 IKEA Singapore Bloggers Program. All opinions and reviews are our own, and very honest as well. x

It’s time for another IKEA post! This month, we were given the task to revamp the bathroom. Let’s admit it, the bathroom is a private little space for your everyday grooming and as girls, there are just so many products to use! There are products for hair, skincare and all the nifty little things we simply need in our everyday routine. IKEA has always been my go-to for organisation solutions, be it in the home or workspace. There are so many options, from shelves to storage boxes, to help even the messiest person. Now, let’s find out how IKEA can help us to get organised and get that bathroom looking presentable. To make this extra special and true to the Operation Overhaul spirit, we will be throwing in a couple of DIY ideas on how you can make the products unique to your home!



This DRAGAN 2-piece bathroom set is just the right size for storing loose cotton pads and q tips. You can choose between stacking the boxes or using them separately like we did to hold soap bottles and your toothbrush. We especially love how it’s made of bamboo, which will be able to withstand water, so it’s perfect by the sink. One thing I notice around my bathroom is how I always end up with small tubs of cream or bobby pins lying around, so these are really great for hiding the clutter (heh).


Another storage piece that caught our eye is the FRYKEN box set, made of peeled rattan. One of the things I’ve noticed after shopping at IKEA a lot lately is how they try to do their part for the environment by including information on how certain products may be recyclable and encouraging consumers to do their part too!

DIY IT! – Grab some acrylic paint and start decorating these baskets to personalise them to your home. Paint on patterns, colour blocks, or even solid colours if you are really looking to add a pop of colour to your bathroom.



During our tour at the IKEA Tampines store, we were introduced to these STUGVIK hooks that really caught our eye. They are designed to grip onto common kitchen and bath materials, like tiles and glass, and are able to hold up to 3kg. They come in different designs that are good for holding up towels, loofahs and soaps, and the best part? No drilling needed so you can change things up anytime.

DIY IT! – Looking to personalise your towels? Sew on a simple embroidered monogram or get iron-on patches from the craft store for a quick and easy way to do so.



These BESTÅENDE bottles are from the kitchen section in IKEA, but hey, they work great as shampoo and soap dispensers too!

DIY IT! – Create labels for the bottles using stencils and spray paint, or even try out etching on the glass for a subtle effect. Don’t forget to spray on a layer of sealant to make sure the design will remain waterproof in the shower!


We hope this inspires you to give your bathroom a quick and easy revamp! If there are any DIYs that you’d like us to do a tutorial on, simply leave a comment below and we will definitely get to it! Look forward to our next post! x


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OOH x IKEA Task 2: Living Room DIY Ideas

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by IKEA and Operation Overhaul is part of the 2015 IKEA Singapore Bloggers Program. All opinions and reviews are our own, and very honest as well. x

We’re back with our second post for IKEA! This time we were given the task of sprucing up our living rooms and we immediately came up with a list of simple diy projects we’ve always wanted to try. IKEA is one of our usual go-to places to get affordable diy materials and we believe it’s always the little things that make a difference.

We picked 3 of our favourite diy ideas that were suitable for the living room and brought them… to IKEA! We thought that it’ll be a whole lot more fun and interesting to shoot in the IKEA showrooms and to be able to showcase more living room inspiration rather than just shooting the products alone.

All of the IKEA Singapore showrooms are modelled based on real life living situations and thus you can find floor plans and room sizes similar to our usual HDB flats/apartments locally. The interior design team in IKEA even does house visits every year to understand the Singapore living situations to ensure that the solutions are relevant. These showrooms are also revamped yearly so we always get updated furnishing ideas and tips!

Sure, we had a couple of stares while shooting this entry, but it was all great fun! Plus, we heard that IKEA never chases anyone out! (Now now, please don’t go and cause a ruckus!)


diyidea1For the first DIY idea, we took the much-loved RAJTAN Spice Jars and spiced them up a little (no pun intended). We spray painted some plastic animal toys with metallic silver spray to match the lids, and then simply glued it on when done. It looks super cute with this particular setup that we found in one of the IKEA showrooms!


IMG_3179 IMG_3186

This makes entertaining guests so much more fun! Also, the chocolate mint candies from the Swedish market are SUPER YUMMY.

IMG_3193 IMG_3195

Definitely a super cute way to upcycle some of the old toys/trinkets you might have at home!



For our second DIY idea we created some super cute pom cushions for the living room sofa! We chose to use simple monochrome cushion covers such as the TRÅDKLÖVER cushion cover (black and white spirals) and the GURLI cushion cover in grey. These are 50cm x 50cm covers which fit the ULLKAKTUS cushion perfectly. We also bought the pom trims from local craft stores (Spotlight or Chinatown). The length of pom trim needed depends on your design, but 2m should be more than sufficient for each cushion.

Using the pom trim, pin down on the cushion cover and sew with a zigzag stitch/hand sew it down. Make sure you only sew through one layer or you wouldn’t be able to fit the cushion inside.

IMG_3166IMG_3159 IMG_3153We love that pop of colour! Plus poms (and ros) just make everything extra fun and cute.

IMG_3170 IMG_3176

This was also shot in one of the super comfy living room showrooms in IKEA Alexandra. While shooting, we also couldn’t help but notice the amount of effort that was put in into each showroom! All the furniture is labeled to ensure easy shopping and it even goes down to the smallest detail such as photos in the photo frames and actual magazines in racks.



For our third DIY, we used a LÄTTAD place mat and the clock mechanism from the RUSCH wall clock. We’ve seen the RUSCH clock used in so many other DIY projects on the web and it must almost surely be because of its 1.50SGD pricetag. The possibilities are endless! Changing up the clock face by replacing the paper, painting the plastic frame, mounting the clock mechanisms on another surface like we did…




Because we weren’t too sure about mounting our self made clock on the IKEA walls, we shot our placemat wall clock at The Refinery Workspace, a super cool co-working space + artist residency at Jalan Besar. Find out more about the space here!

Hope you enjoyed our simple diy ideas using IKEA products and we’ll love to see your creations or if you have any others to share! Till our next post!

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SHOP: Fruity Puns Valentine’s Day Gift Cards

IMG_3116Tell your loved ones how much you love them this Valentine’s day with our super cute fruity puns gift cards!

We’re way excited to tell you that our online store is now live! Both Ros & I have been wanting to make this happen for the longest time and we’ve been working on the e-commerce version on top of the blog, trying to make sure that everything works.

You can definitely look forward to more craft materials and supplies, DIY Kits as well as handmade items that you regularly see on operationoverhaul.com! Meanwhile, check out our new vday cards and show some love by purchasing them on our store. (It’s free shipping for these babies all the way till vday!)

IMG_3088 IMG_3102“XOXO” Gift Card

IMG_3106“I’m Banana’s For You!” Gift Card

IMG_3109“We Make A Great Pear!” Gift Card

IMG_3111“You’re Peach Perfect!” Gift Card

IMG_3112“You’re The Apple Of My Eye!” Gift Card



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DIY Tutorial: Valentine’s Straw Toppers

Vday Straw Toppers_title

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner! If you’re planning to cook a romantic dinner for your loved one or spending it throwing a party with girlfriends, here’s a little vday gift from us to you (yes, we love you all!). These straw toppers turned out super cute, plus it’s so easy to make!

Vday Straw Toppers_01


  • Straw Toppers Printout (get them here!)
  • Scissors
  • Straws
  • Double Sided Tape

Vday Straw Toppers_02

Vday Straw Toppers_03

1. Cut out your desired designs from the print out.

Vday Straw Toppers_04

2. Stick some double-sided tape on the back of each straw topper.

Vday Straw Toppers_05

3. Secure the straw to the back of it and attach the strip to keep it in place.

Vday Straw Toppers_06

4. And you are done!

Vday Straw Toppers_07

Vday Straw Toppers_08

Here’s an extra tip – use washi tape for a quick and temporary way to decorate cutleries!

Vday Straw Toppers_10 OOH_Vday_StrawToppers_Printable

Download the free printable here!

Vday Straw Toppers_09

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day! x

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by IKEA and Operation Overhaul is part of the 2015 IKEA Singapore Bloggers Program. All opinions and reviews are our own, and very honest as well. x

The convenience of electricity and lights is something we really take for granted nowadays (especially in such a safe country like Singapore!). We learnt about IKEA’s Brighter Lives for Refugees Campaign for Task 1 and how refugees all around the world in UNHCR camps were living. A lack of light can have a devastating effect on their safety, education prospects and income.


And so, our very first task from IKEA sounded fairly simple, although it wasn’t something we’ve ever attempted before – To spend a night without light.

A typical OOH-type of evening would have the both of us at a cafe or restaurant, catching up and discussing plans over a big hearty meal. We toyed with the idea of having a sleepover at one of our houses (so sixteen!) with the LJUSA LED torch that IKEA kindly provided us with for survival, as well as endless rows of scented candles everywhere. However, we decided to make the best out of a gloomy situation (hurrr) and have a…


We wanted to keep everything really simple and in line with the no electricity/total darkness experience, and decided against products that required alkaline batteries as well. We met up at about 7 in the evening and started doing our preparations for the night just before the sun went down and we lost all light…

OOH x IKEA - Party Materials

OOH x IKEA - Glo BalloonsRos at work

OOH x IKEA - Glowsticks

We were planning to depend entirely on our hand-driven torch as well as glowsticks to ‘survive’ the night. Ros inflated and filled balloons with light sticks, while I worked on a light stick bunting using jute and SOMMARFINT drinking straws.

Darkness soon crept up and we were left in a dark room surrounded by the glow from the light sticks. We broke the last two XL light sticks we bought and couldn’t resist snapping a few photos and having some fun before emptying the glowing contents into RAJTAN spice jars filled with water to make our glow lamps (which did a greattttt job and looked amazing).

OOH x IKEA - BuntingsJuu putting up the light stick buntings which were essentially skinny light sticks slot into regular drinking straws!

OOH x IKEA - TechnopartyCouldn’t help playing with the XL light sticks!

OOH x IKEA - Glowstick JarsOur water glow lamps

We tried a couple of other things that didn’t necessarily work (PS. Glo’worms do not actually glow) and simple things that we did on a daily basis proved to be more difficult than usual. Craft photography usually requires lots of light to ensure clear and clean photos. We tried to take photos of simple actions, such as breaking the lightsticks, putting up the deco, etc. but all we got were silhouettes (if we were lucky!) or just a black photograph with coloured lines all over (glowsticks). We finally settled on using the LJUSA LED torch as a light source/ using the long exposure function on our camera.

OOH x IKEA - Party and DrinksYou can finally see what Ros is doing because of the light from the LJUSA LED torch (which you then can’t see).

OOH x IKEA - Glow SetupOur final party set-up and photo wall!

OOH x IKEA - GlowwwwLight sticks taken with long exposure.

OOH x IKEA - Buntings 2Our light stick buntings which were super easy to make and looked great in the dark!

OOH x IKEA - Juu & RosAnd yes, this actually is a photo of the both of us… Juu is the one with the light stick necklace and Ros is wearing a light stick headband.

OOH x IKEA - Lightsticks OOH

OOH x IKEA - Mickey EarsFinal photo taken the light from the hand-driven torch.

We clearly had quite a bit of fun decorating the place up with glow-in-the dark craft things as well as laughing at every photo that came up pitch black, but it also reminded us of the many inconveniences that came with the lack of lighting. I had to admit I felt a sense of safety and familiarity again when the ‘night’ ended and I walked out into a well-lit corridor to get home.

We urge you to read more about IKEA’s Brighter Lives for Refugees Campaign here. For every LED light bulb sold during February 1 to March 28 2015, the IKEA Foundation will donate 1 euro to UNHCR. The funds generated will help improve access to lighting, renewable energy solutions and primary education in refugee camps across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

There’s also going to be a LED exchange coming up at our local IKEA stores! From 6-8 February 2015, bring your used halogen or incandescent lightbulbs to the IKEA store for a 1 to 1 light bulb exchange. *Up to 3 lightbulbs per person and exchange is limited to the first 1000 bulbs per day.

Till the next post! Hopefully we’ll all be able to light someone’s life up somehow~ x

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