Hello all! We are sorry for our absence online and lack of tutorials lately, but we have been keeping ourselves busy conducting workshops at the Press Play event, organised by National Library Board. You can find out more about the other interesting ongoing workshops here.

Most importantly, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to all our readers! Have you made a special something for your loved one yet? (And for the all the single souls out there, who says you can’t pamper yourself on valentine’s?) Well, if you haven’t, here are a few of our favourite Valentine’s DIY that we will like to share with you!

1. Plush Conversation Hearts | Studio DIY

2. Fringe 3D Heart | Minted
Hang this lovely fringe 3D heart on your door to brighten up anyone’s day!

3. Party Heart Straws & Stirrers | The House that Lars Built

4. Valentine’s Party Animals | Confetti Sunshine
This is my favourite of all, a Valentine’s version of our party animal pom pom necklace!

5. Valentine’s Pinata | Whimseybox
Make these in adorable XOs or using you and your lover’s initials!

We hope this has been helpful to anyone scrambling to look for a gift this Valentine’s, nothing’s more special than a unique gift handmade by you! x

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DIY Tutorial: Leather Card Holder


A card holder is always handy to carry around, especially if you need it to hold your business cards. I was on the search of a nice, simple leather card holder, but I thought instead of paying a hefty sum for a designer card holder, why not make my own?

Read on to find out how!

DIY Leather Card HolderDIY Leather Card Holder


  • Xacto Art Knife
  • Button Studs
  • Leather – PU or real
  • Leather Punch
  • Template – download here

DIY Leather Card Holder

1. With an xacto knife, cut out the template for the card holder.

DIY Leather Card Holder

2. Next, lay the template on your leather and cut out the card holder accordingly.

DIY Leather Card Holder

3. Starting with the top corner, mark out where you would like your button stud to be. Do the same with the other corners. It is easier to mark out the top and punch that hole first before doing the rest, so as to make sure that they will all align together. You wouldn’t want mismatched holes on your card holder!

DIY Leather Card Holder

4. Insert the bottom screw of the button stud through the bottom and side corners.

DIY Leather Card Holder

5. Finally, simply screw on the top of the button stud and you are done!

DIY Leather Card Holder

DIY Leather Card Holder

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Weekend Craft Sessions at Temporium

Join us for a weekend craft session curated by Temporium! In this session, you will learn to make and take home an Aurélie Bidermann inspired necklace for only SGD67. We promise it’ll be fun and with the same technique learnt, you can make your own matching bracelet back home! Email hello@tofu.com.sg to secure a place in the workshop, or simply leave us a comment with your details and we will sign up for you!

Date—03 November 2013, Sunday
Time—10.30am to 12.30pm
Address—72 & 74 Dunlop Street

To sign up,

1. Log on to www.paypal.com, and send payments to hello@tofu.com.sg. Please indicate your full name, hp number and workshop names (eg. Operation Overhaul) that you have paid for.

2. Other modes of payment: Cash, NETS and credit card payment can be made in person at Temporium 2013 on Dunlop store.

3. Receipt will be provided upon full payment and please it along as a form of identification on the workshop day, and also to redeem a free cup of coffee from out diner, Complements Of.


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DIY Tutorial: Bershka Inspired Drop Harness Top

Operation Overhaul - Bershka Inspired Drop Harness Top


bershka top

So I saw this Bershka top on the last day we were in Japan in June. I liked it and wanted to get it but tried it only to find out it was huge on me (Ros & I both tend to have this problem — tiny people woes). But hey, I figured I could make my own!

This tutorial is more of a re-fashion/ upcycling idea and is very similar to our previous Leather Harness Tutorial. We know it has been a while since our last tutorial so we hope you enjoy this one!

Operation Overhaul - Bershka Inspired Drop Harness Top Materials

Materials Needed:

  • Tank Top
  • 1m Faux Leather Strip (I used a pleather bias tape for this tutorial)
  • 5 Mini Snap Fasteners
  • 2 Small D-rings ($1.50 from Golden Dragon)
  • 1 Metal Ring
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Materials + Tailor’s Chalk

Operation Overhaul - Bershka Inspired Drop Harness Top Tank

I chose this slouchy racer back tank that stretched out after one wash. It’s tagged XXS but evidently it wouldn’t have provided much coverage if i did wear it. You can choose any tank top, really!

Operation Overhaul - Bershka Inspired Drop Harness Top Front Marking Operation Overhaul - Bershka Inspired Drop Harness Top Materials Back Marking

Step 1: Using tailor’s chalk, mark out on the straps at the front and back as a guide to where to cut.

Operation Overhaul - Bershka Inspired Drop Harness Top Cut Fabric

Step 2: Leave an allowance of about an inch and cut above the lines you’ve just marked on the top.

Operation Overhaul - Bershka Inspired Drop Harness Top Sew D Rings

Operation Overhaul - Bershka Inspired Drop Harness Top D Rings

Step 3: Sew the D-rings to the front straps. I chose to hand sew this so that I could get as close as i could to the metal ring. You should get something like the second picture when you’re done. Also, hem the back of the tank top by folding the excess cloth down and sewing it.

Operation Overhaul - Bershka Inspired Drop Harness Top Position Straps

Operation Overhaul - Bershka Inspired Drop Harness Top Adjust Straps

Step 4: Position the straps. I simply used tape to secure them as I tried to figure out the lengths. The straps should be of equal lengths and meet at the metal ring in the middle at the back. Add an extra strap vertically down the back and sew to the new hemmed edge you just made.

Operation Overhaul - Bershka Inspired Drop Harness Top Back Snap

Step 5: Secure the straps with mini snap fasteners. Remember to remove the tape after!

Operation Overhaul - Bershka Inspired Drop Harness Top Back Deets

Step 6: The finished product should look something like this! Ta-da!

Operation Overhaul - Bershka Inspired Drop Harness Top Worn

Operation Overhaul - Bershka Inspired Drop Harness Top Worn1

Operation Overhaul - Bershka Inspired Drop Harness Top Worn2

While I have to admit that it might be more convenient working on a dressform, it is possible to do it without (I did the leather harness tutorial entirely alone!). If need be, call someone for help to position the straps or mark out the areas to cut! Hope you have fun with this one!

Photo Credits (last 3): Timothy Tan

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OOH at The Experience Market // Archifest 2013

It’s been a while hasn’t it! Operation Overhaul is always looking for new opportunities to showcase our stuff + meet our readers and we’re going to be at The Experience Market at Archifest on 12 October 2013!

As you can see we’ll also be holding a mini workshop at 7pm to allow participants to signup and learn how to make pompoms! With that opens a whole range of accessories you could make — from necklaces to hairclips and brooches. The workshop is only going at $15 for tomorrow participants get to take home whatever they make! The fee includes all the materials needed as well so there’s no need to worry about bringing anything!


Hope to see you guys there! x



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